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Recommended Ranches and Services


Arlana Franklin @ laneefranklin@gmail.com

Arlana ultrasounds goats for $25.

Arlana lives in southern Arizona.

I highly recommend her!


 Glenda Smith @ runninghorses2003@yahoo.com


Glenda raises Nigerian Dwarfs.

Glenda lives in New Mexico now..

I highly recommend her!


Alyssa Krutel @ gigakitten@aol.com


Alyssa lives in Tonapah, AZ.

Alyssa raises Nigerian Dwarfs.

I highly recommend her!


Sharon Warren @ desertnanny@yahoo.com

Desert Nanny

Sharon lives just north of Tucson, AZ.

Sharon raises Nigerian Dwarf Goats.

I highly recommend her!


Nigerian Dwarf Colors

Hoegger Supply

Fias Co Farm

BioPryn CAE and Pregnancy testing!

Caprine Supply

Gestation Calculator (AGS website)


Goat Registries

Nigerian Dwarf Goat Association

American Goat Society

American Dairy Goat Association


Desert Flower Ranch Services

Hoof Trimming — $10 per goat if you bring your goat to the ranch and an extra 50 cents per mile if I go to your ranch. I would bring the hoof trimmers. I trim and wash the hooves. If I go to your ranch to do hoof trimming on multiple goats the 50 cents per mile fee would only be for one goat.  Please Contact Me if interested.

Blood Testing (pregnancy and CAE) –
If you bring a goat for breeding, I will do blood testing (pregnancy test)
for $14.00, and $4.00 additional if you want CAE testing done as well.
(This covers supplies, shipping, and lab fee.)
If you are not bringing a goat for breeding, it would be $24.00 for the first goat, for pregnancy testing, and $12.00 for each additional goat done on the same day (so samples will be shipped together),
plus $4.00 additional for each goat that you want CAE tested.
I send the blood samples to BioPryn lab in Idaho.  I usually get the results within two weeks.  Please Contact Me if interested.